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On Ciphers that Continuously Access the Non-Volatile Key FSE-2017 - tokyo,japan
Mirror: Enabling Proofs of Data Replication and Retrievability in the Cloud USENIX-2016 - austin,usa
Privacy Preserving Email-Forensics DFRWS-2015 - Philadelphia,USA
Crypto in the Cloud Troopers-2015 - Heidelberg,Germany
On Lightweight Stream Ciphers with Shorter Internal States FSE-2015 - Istanbul,Turkey
Lightweight Authentication Protocols on Ultra-Constrained RFIDs - Myths and Facts RWC-2015 - London,UK
Outsourced Proofs of Retrievability CCS-2014 - Scottsdale,USA
MoP-2-MoP -- Mobile private microblogging FinanCryptandInfoSec-2014 - Accra,Barbados
Cryptanalysis III FSE-2014 - London,UK