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Title Conference Tags
DHCP is hard Kiwicon20138AD-2018 - Wellington, New Zealand
Xenpwn Infiltratecon-2016 - miami,usa
Attacking Next-Generation Firewalls:Breaking PAN-OS HITBAmsterdam-2016 - amsterdam,netherlands
Attacking Next-Generation Firewalls troopers-2016 - heidelberg,germany
Playing with Fire: Attacking the FireEye MPS 44con-2015 - London,UK
General Pr0ken File System PHDays-2015 - Moscow,Russia
General Pr0ken File System - Hacking IBM's GPFS Troopers-2015 - Heidelberg,Germany
Compromise-as-a-Service: Our PleAZURE HackInTheBox-2014 - Amsterdam,Netherlands
Exploiting Hyper-V Infiltrate-2014 - Miami,USA
Compromise-as-a-Service: Our PleAZURE. Troopers-2014 - Heidelberg, Germany