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Nautical Nonsense Securi-Tay-2020 - Dundee, Scotland
Hardware Isn't Hard SecuriTayDundee-2019 - Dundee, Scotland
An Introduction To Binary Application Assessments SecuriTay-2018 - Dundee, Scotland
Secrets Of The Motherboard (Shit My Chipset Says) 44con-2017 - londun,uk
SSL/TLS Hipsterism: Finding implementation bugs outside the mainstream SecuriTay-2017 - dundee,scotland
Evening Session: Graham Sutherland - Saving Nostalgia: Modding an old Z80 computer 44con-2016 - london,uk
Get in the Ring0 - Understanding Windows drivers 44con-2015 - London,UK
Breaking Binary Protocols and Bad Crypto BSidesLondon-2014 - London,UK