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Stash in a Flash, USENIX FAST’18 Systor2018Haifa-2018 - Haifa, Israel
Graphene-SGX: A Practical Library OS for Unmodified Applications on SGX ATC-2017 - santa clara,usa
Lazy Analytics: Let Other Queries Do the Work For You HotStorage-2016 - denver,usa
Versioned Programming: A Simple Technique for Implementing Efficient, Lock-Free, and Composable Data Structures Systor-2016 - haifa,israel
Optimizing Every Operation in a Write-optimized File System FAST-2016 - santa clara,usa
How to Get More Value From Your File System Directory Cache SOSP-2015 - california,usa
The Case for Less Predictable Operating System Behavior HOTos-2015 - Katause,Switzerland
BetrFS: A Right-Optimized Write-Optimized File System FAST-2015 - Santa clara,usa
SoK: Introspections on Trust and the Semantic Gap IEEE-2014 - SamJose,USA
Practical Techniques to Obviate Setuid-to-Root Binaries EuroSys-2014 - Amsterdam,Netherlands
Cooperation and Security Isolation of Library OSes for Multi-Process Applications EuroSys-2014 - Amsterdam,Netherlands
File Systems Fated for Senescence? Nonsense, Says Science! Fast-2014 - santa clara,usa