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EPTI: Efficient Defence against Meltdown Attack for Unpatched VMs UsenixATCBoston-2018 - Boston, USA
vTZ: Virtualizing ARM TrustZone usenixsecurity-2017 - vancouver,canada
Replication-driven Live Reconfiguration for Fast Distributed Transaction Processing ATC-2017 - santa clara,usa
Soft Updates Made Simple and Fast on Non-volatile Memory ATC-2017 - santa clara,usa
Deconstructing Xen NDSS-2017 - california,usa
Performance Analysis and Optimization of Full Garbage Collection in Memory-hungry Environments VEE-2016 - atlanta,usa
Efficient and Available In-memory KV-Store with Hybrid Erasure Coding and Replication FAST-2016 - santa clara,usa
Mitigating Sync Amplification for Copy-on-write Virtual Disk FAST-2016 - santa clara,usa
Fast In-memory Transaction Processing using RDMA and HTM SOSP-2015 - california,usa
More Distributed Transactions SOSP-2015 - california,usa
You Shouldn’t Collect My Secrets: Thwarting Sensitive Keystroke Leakage in Mobile IME Apps SecuritySymposium-2015 - washington,USA
TinMan: Eliminating Confidential Mobile Data Exposure with Security-oriented Offloading. EuroSys-2015 - Bordeaux,France
Scalable Read-mostly Synchronization Using Passive Reader-Writer Locks USENIXatc-2014 - Philadelphia,USA
Using Restricted Transactional Memory to Build a Scalable In-Memory Database EuroSys-2014 - Amsterdam,Netherlands