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Same-origin policy: The Core of Web Security OWASPNewZealandDay-2020 - Auckland, New Zealand
OWASP Top 10 Overview OWASPNewZealandDay-2020 - Auckland, New Zealand
How Do I Content Security Policy? AppSecDayAustralia-2019 - Melbourne, Australia
Welcome to OWASP New Zealand Day 2018 owaspNewZealand-2018 - auckland,new zealand
Let me secure that for you bsideswellington-2017 - wellington,new zealand
Applying OWASP Top 10 to ASP.NET MVC projects OWASPNewZealand-2015 - Auckland,New Zealand
httpSeriously? Kiwicon-2012 - Wellington, New Zealand Security
X-Excess KiwiCon-2011 - Wellington, New Zealand
There'S Something Shiny In That Word Doc! KiwiCon-2010 - Wellington, New Zealand Security
Aura Software Security / Xero - Tales From The Crypt0 OWASP New Zealand-2010 - New Zealand Security Others Cryptography