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Open and Keynote Session WCIST-2015 - Azores,Portugal
Lessons Learned on Developing Educational Systems using a Hybrid User Centered Methodology WCIST-2015 - Azores,Portugal
Workshop on Pervasive Information Systems/ Workshop on Internet of Things/Poster Session/IDSS, IKM, ITE & ITR (Posters) WCIST-2015 - Azores,Portugal
Workshop on Applied Statistics and Data Analysis using Computer Science / Workshop on Healthcare Information Systems: Interoperability, Security and Efficiency WCIST-2015 - Azores,Portugal
A Platform for Assessing Cancer Patients’ Quality of Life WCIST-2015 - Azores,Portugal
Vision-based Portuguese Sign Language Recognition System WCIST-2014 - Madeira,Portugal
An Architecture For Serious Games In Health Rehabilitation WCIST-2014 - Madeira,Portugal
Intelligent Wheelchair Driving: A Comparative Study Of Cerebral Palsy Adults With Distinct Boccia Experience WCIST-2014 - Madeira,Portugal
Organizational Models and Information Systems WCIST-2014 - Madeira,Portugal
Cross-artefacts For The Purpose Of Education WCIST-2014 - Madeira,Portugal
A Survey On Intelligent Wheelchair Prototypes And Simulators WCIST-2014 - Madeira,Portugal