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Intelligent and Decision Support Systems (Fulls) WCIST-2015 - Azores,Portugal
Step Towards Of A Homemade Business Intelligence Solution – A Case Study In Textile Industry WCIST-2015 - Azores,Portugal
Big Data For Stock Market By Means Of Mining Techniques WCIST-2015 - Azores,Portugal
Workshop on Pervasive Information Systems/ Workshop on Internet of Things/Poster Session/IDSS, IKM, ITE & ITR (Posters) WCIST-2015 - Azores,Portugal
Decision Support in E-Government – A Pervasive Business Intelligence Approach - Case study in a local government WCIST-2015 - Azores,Portugal
Pervasive Business Intelligence Paltform to Imrprove the Quality of Decision Process in Primary and Secondary Education: A Portuguese Case Study WCIST-2015 - Azores,Portugal
Predicting Plateau Pressure in Intensive Medicine for Ventilated patients WCIST-2015 - Azores,Portugal
Predicting Nosocomial Infection by using Data Mining Technologies WCIST-2015 - Azores,Portugal
Improving High Availability And Reliability Of Health Interoperability Systems WCIST-2014 - Madeira,Portugal
University Application Process - Decision Support Models WCIST-2014 - Madeira,Portugal
Prediction Models For Hospital Bed Management Using Data Mining Techiques WCIST-2014 - Madeira,Portugal
IKM, IDSS, SSAAT (Short Papers) WCIST-2014 - Madeira,Portugal