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Human vs Bots: Detecting Human Attacks in a Honeypot Environment ISDFS-2019 - Barcelos, Portugal
Self-Efficacy in Cybersecurity Tasks and Its Relationship with Cybersecurity Competition and Work-Related Outcomes ASE-2016 - austin,usa
Digital forensics education: a multidisciplinary curriculum model ICDF2C-2015 - seoul,south korea
An Examination of the Vocational and Psychological Characteristics of Cybersecurity Competition Participants 3GSE-2015 - washington,USA
Developing a New Digital Forensics Curriculum DFRWS-2014 - denver,usa
Who Uses Bitcoin? An exploration of the Bitcoin community PST-2014 - Toronto,Canada
Development and Dissemination of a New Multidisciplinary Undergraduate Curriculum in Digital Forensics Adfsl-2014 - Virginia,USA