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Title Conference Tags
Attacks on GSM Networks Deepsec-2012 - Vienna, Austria
Reverse Engineering A Real-World Rfid Payment System Chaos Communication Congress-27 - Berlin, Germany Security
OsmocomBB: A tool for GSM protocol level security analysis of GSM networks DeepSec-2010 - Vienna,Austria
Osmocombb: A Tool For Gsm Protocol Level Security Analysis Of Gsm Networks hashdays-2010 - Lucerne, Switzerland Mobile Security Security Others
Using Openbsc For Fuzzing Of Gsm Handsets Chaos Communication Congress-26 - Berlin, Germany Security Fuzzing
Airprobe HackingAtRandom-2009 - Vierthouten,Netherlands
OpenBSC HackingAtRandom-2009 - Vierthouten,Netherlands
Anatomy Of Smartphone Hardware Chaos Communication Congress-25 - Berlin, Germany Security
Openpcd / Openpicc Chaos Communication Congress-23 - Berlin, Germany Security
Rfid - Overview Of Protocols, Librfid Implementation And Passive Sniffing Chaos Communication Congress-22 - Berlin, Germany Security
Enforcing The Gnu Gpl Chaos Communication Congress-21 - Berlin, Germany Security
Synchronization Between Linux Kernel Contexts; Smp, Cache Effects Chaos Communication Congress-20 - Berlin, Germany Security
Tcp State/Window Tracking + Stat Chaos Communication Congress-19 - Berlin, Germany Security
Netfilter Framework In Linux 2.4 Chaos Communication Congress-17 - Berlin, Germany Security