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Understanding Business-Critical Application Security Risks cisoglobal-2017 - scottsdale,usa
Identity Access Management in a Hybrid World cisoglobal-2017 - scottsdale,usa
Defending Against the Rising Trend of SAP Cyberattacks CISOnewyork-2016 - ny,usa
Preventing Data Loss and Preserving Bottom Line Value CISOnewyork-2015 - New York,USA
Modern Threat Defense ‰ÛÒ Hiding in Plain Sight CISOnewjersey-2014 - new jersey,USA
Modern Threat Defense – Hiding in Plain Sight CISOGlobalSummit-2014 - New York,usa
Session 2: Cyber Insurance - If you can't beat them, insure against them SCcongress-2014 - New York,usa
Identity Access Management – Getting Past the Building Blocks CISONewYork-2014 - New York,USA