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The Right to be Forgotten - Now the EU, Tomorrow the World? Thotcon-2015 - Chicago,USA
Hacker Law School DEFCON-2013 - Las Vegas,Nevada
Hacker Law School Thotcon-2013 - Chicago,USA Security
Law of Internet Scanning GrrCON-2012 - Michigan, USA Security
MegaUpload: Guilty or Not Guilty? DEF CON-20 - Las Vegas, USA
The Law of Internet Scanning Thotcon-2012 - Chicago, USA Security
Search &Amp; Seizure &Amp; Golfballs S DEF CON-18 - Las Vegas, USA Security
So You Got Arrested In Vegas... DEF CON-17 - Las Vegas, USA Security
Licensing Agreements 101: The Creative Commons License DEF CON-13 - Las Vegas, USA Security