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CLOSING KEYNOTE: The Beginning of the End? A Return to the Abyss for a Quick Look HITBSecConf-2019 - Amsterdam, Netherlands
Keynote: Freeing the Mind: Security and power in a world without walls SAINTCONUtah-2018 - Provo, USA
The Road to Resilience: How Real Hacking Redeems this Damnable Profession DefCon26LasVegas-2018 - Las Vegas, USA
Staring into the Abyss: The Dark Side of Security and Professional Intelligence grrcon-2017 - grand rapids,usa
When Privacy Goes Poof! Why It's Gone and Never Coming Back Defcon-2017 - las vegas,usa
Play Through the Pain? - The Impact of Forbidden Knowledge on Security and Intelligence Professionals SourceDublin-2017 - dublin,ireland
Beyond the Fringe: Anomalies of Consciousness, Experience, and Scientific Research Cyphercon-2017 - milwaukee,usa
Opening Introductions and Keynote:Biohacking: A Voyage on the High Seas without GPS or Sextant or Stars CornCon-2016 - davenport,usa
Playing Through the Pain? - The Impact of Secrets and Dark Knowledge on Security and Intelligence Professionals Defcon-2016 - las vegas,usa
Hacking the Human Body/brain: Identity Shift, the Shape of a New Self, and Humanity 2.0 Defcon-2015 - Las vegas,usa
Key Note Confidence-2015 - Krakow,Poland
Too Much for Anyone to Know (or) How to survive during war, "cyber-mayhem," and the game of spy versus spy. InfoSecSouthWest-2015 - Texas,USA
The Only Way to Tell the Truth is in Fiction: The Dynamics of Life in the National Security State defcon-2014 - las vegas,usa
The Only Way to Tell the Truth is in Fiction: The Dynamics of Life in the National Security State BsidesLasVegas-2014 - las vegas,usa
UFOs and Government Thotcon-2014 - Chicago,USA
The Government and UFOs: A Historical Analysis by Richard Thieme DEFCON-2013 - Las Vegas,Nevada
Governments and UFOs: A Historical Analysis of Disinformation and Deception BSidesLasVegas-2013 - Las Vegas,USA
Fireside Chat SourceBoston-2013 - Boston,USA
BioHacking Hacker Halted-2012 - Miami,USA Security
Twenty Years Back, Twenty Years Ahead: The Arc of DEF CON Past and Future DEF CON-20 - Las Vegas, USA Security
Staring into the Abyss: The Dark Side of Crime-fighting, Security, and Professional Intelligence Defcon19-2011 - Las Vegas,USA
Staring into the Abyss: The Dark Side of Security and Professional Intelligence BlackhatUSA-2011 - Las Vegas,USA
Talking Only To Ourselves: The Dangers Of Refusing To Stop, Look And Listen TROOPERS-2011 - Heidelberg, Germany Security
Getting Root: Remote Viewing, Non-Local Consciousness, Big Picture Hacking, And Knowing Who You Are DEF CON-18 - Las Vegas, USA Security
Ethical Considerations of Intelligence and Information Security REcon-2010 - Montreal,Canada
Hacking Ufology 102: The Implications Of Ufos For Life, The Universe, And Everything DEF CON-17 - Las Vegas, USA Security
Hacking, Biohacking, And The Future Of Humanity DEF CON-17 - Las Vegas, USA Security
Hacker Court 2008: Hack Myface Blackhat USA-2008 - Las Vegas, USA Security
Hacking Ufology: Thirty Years In The Wilderness Of Mirrors DEF CON-15 - Las Vegas, USA Security
Closing Address AUScert-2007 - Gold Coast, Australia
Panel: Hacker Court 2007: The Case of a Thousand Truths BlackHatDC-2007 - Washington,USA
Beyond Social Engineering: Tools For Reinventing Yourself DEF CON-14 - Las Vegas, USA Security
Recapturing The Revolutionary Heart Of Hacking DEF CON-13 - Las Vegas, USA Security
Living On The Edge: The Sources Of Creativity For Security Wizards And Hackers Notacon-2 - Cleveland, USA Security
Zen And The Relevance Of Perception To Cyber Security, Or, When Is A Network Not A Network? ShmooCon-2005 - Washington DC, USA Security
Quantum Hacking DEF CON-12 - Las Vegas, USA Security
Day 2 Keynote:Broken Windows: What Security Looks Like When Gollum Gets the Ring BlackHatWindows-2004 - Las Vegas,USA
Hacker Generations DEF CON-11 - Las Vegas, USA Security
Masters Of The Unseen: The Art Of Information Warfare Blackhat Europe-2003 - Amsterdam, The Netherlands Security
1992 ... 2002 ... 2012 ...Hacking: The Next Ten Years DEF CON-10 - Las Vegas, USA Security
Hacker Court Blackhat USA-2002 - Las Vegas, USA Security Panel
Hacking A Trans-Planetary Net DEF CON-09 - Las Vegas, USA Security
Defending The Information Web: New Ways Of Thinking About Security Blackhat USA-2001 - Las Vegas, USA Security
Social Engineering At Def Con:Games Hackers Play DEF CON-08 - Las Vegas, USA Security
The More Things Change The More They Don'T: Soft Destruction And The Ancient Wisdom Of Hacking DEF CON-06 - Las Vegas, USA Security
Convergence -- Every Man (And Woman) A Spy. Blackhat USA-1998 - Las Vegas, USA Security Business
Keynote Speech Thursday. Blackhat USA-1997 - Las Vegas, USA Security Keynote
The Symbiotic Relationship Between Networked Computers And Humans -- A Dialectic Constituting A Rising Spiral Of Mutual Transformation DEF CON-04 - Las Vegas, USA Security