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Leveraging Relocations in Kernel ELF-binaries for Linux Kernel Version Identification DFRWSUSA-2018 - Rhode Island, USA
Peer Instruction for Digital Forensics ASE-2017 - vancouver,canada
SCADA Network Forensics of the PCCC Protocol Paper DFRWS-2017 - austin,usa
Development of Peer Instruction Questions for Cybersecurity Education ASE-2016 - austin,usa
Don’t Touch that Column: Portable, Fine-Grained Access Control for Android’s Native Content Providers WiSec-2016 - darmstadt,germany
OpSeq: Android Malware Fingerprinting PPREW-2015 - los angeles,usa
Industrial Control System Security Workshop (ICSS) ACSAC-2015 - los angeles,usa
Robust Fingerprinting for Relocatable Code codapspy-2015 - San Antonio,USA
Panel: SCADA System Security: Challenges and Future Directions ACSAC-2014 - new orleans,usa
Image-Based Kernel Fingerprinting DFRWS-2014 - denver,usa