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Illuminating Malware Adversaries with MalBeacon BSidesRDU-2019 - Durham, USA
Illuminating Malware Adversaries with MalBeacon BSidesAugusta-2019 - Augusta, USA
Using Stored-XSS to Beacon Malware Adversaries BSidesAshville-2019 - Asheville, United States
Necurs Botnet: Mass Distribution for all the Bad Things bsidesaugusta-2017 - georgia,usa
The Rise of Ransomware: A Look at CryptoWall, TeslaCrypt and Locky BSidesCharlotte-2016 - charlotte,usa
Punching HunterEK Miscreants SkyDogCon-2015 - nashville,usa
Bypassing 2Factor Auth with Android Trojans DerbyCon-2015 - louisville,USA
Wireless/Mobile Attack Trends Panel Moderator: eCrimeResearchSymposium-2014 - birmingham,usa
OpSec Fail: PHP Code Reuse Leads to Vulnerabilities in Phish Kits eCrimeResearchSymposium-2014 - birmingham,usa