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HI, I'M THE NEXT UPCOMING HACKMAGEDDON aka "Cyber Terrorism: wrong assumptions & true facts + what I hope will never happen!" ConfidenceKrakow-2018 - Krakow, Poland
Cyber Cyber Cyber Warfare: Mistakes from the MoDs DeepSec-2015 - vienna,austria
Pentesting airports: field experiences Hackitoergosum-2015 - paris,france
From Hacker's Ages to the Underground Economy, and the Evolution of the 0days Market SecureZurich-2014 - Zurich,Switzerland
Informa4on Warfare & Cyberwar: Whats the Story Morning Glory HITBSecConf Malaysia-2012 - KL, Malaysia Cyberwar
Auditing the hackers' mind GovCERT-2011 - The Netherlands Security
Tba Hackito Ergo Sum-2011 - Paris, France Security
Cybercrime, CyberWar, Information Warfare: what’s this all about, from an hacker’s perspective? New rules for a new world. CONfidenceTwo-2010 - Prague,Czech Republic
Frauding Telcos: A Full History (1980/2009) CONFidence -2009 - Krakow, Poland Security
Profiling hackers: real data, real experiences, wrong myths Virus Bulletin-2009 - Geneva, Switzerland Security
Scada Security CONFidence -2008 - Krakow, Poland Security
The Hackers Profiling Project CONFidence -2008 - Krakow, Poland Security
Scada And National Critical Infrastructures: Is Security An Optional? TROOPERS-2008 - Munich, German Security Automation
Hacking Scada Chaos Communication Congress-24 - Berlin, Germany Security Automation
X.25 Networks in the Arab World HITBDubai-2007 - Dubai,UAE
A New Approach To Cybercrime: The Hacker’S Profiling Project (Hpp) HITBSecConf Malaysia-2006 - Kuala Lampur, Malaysia Security Panel Analysis
x.25 (in)security in 2005: WHAT, WHY, WHEN, WHO, HOW HITBMalaysia-2005 - Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia