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Introduction to Risk-Based Vulnerability Management DataConnectorsNewYork-2020 - Virtual, virtual
Introduction to Risk-Based Vulnerability Management DataConnectorsBoston-2020 - Virtual, Virtual
"Reading the security tea leaves" -The story from 50 million vulnerabilities BSIDESAustin-2014 - Austin,USA
Vulnerability & Exploit Trends: A Deep Look Inside The Data BSidesLasVegas-2013 - Las Vegas,USA
Hitting above the Security Mendoza Line BSidesSanFrancisco-2013 - SanFrancisco,USA Security
Hitting Above The Security Mendoza Line Sector-2012 - Toronto,Canada Security
Losing Our Religion: Taking An Economics Approach To Information Security UNITED Security Summit-2012 - San Francisco, USA Security
From Shaman To Scientist: A Use Case In Data Driven Security Baythreat-2011 - San Francisco, USA Security
Scap: Automating Our Way Out Of The Vulnerability Wheel Of Pain OWASP Appsec-2009 - Washington DC, USA Security Automation
Orbitz Scap Metrics Metricon -4 - Washington Security
Doing More With Less: Automate Or Die OWASP FROC-2009 - Denver, USA Security