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Title Conference Tags
Security Panel AppSecDayAustralia-2019 - Melbourne, Australia
Cybersecurity Risk Assessment for Safety-Critical Systems BlackHatUSA2019-2019 - Las Vegas, USA
Working with WeirdAAL (AWS Attack Library) CactusCon-2018 - Mesa, USA
AWS Survival Guide 2.0 RVASec-2017 - richmond,usa
AWS Survival Guide AppSecCali-2017 - california,usa
It's 10pm, Do You Know Where Your Access Keys Are? lascon-2016 - austin,usa
DevOops: Redux AppSecUSA-2016 - washington,usa
DevOops Redux DerbyCon-2016 - derby,usa
Training: Safely Riding the Rails AppSecCalifornia-2015 - California,USA
DevOops, I did it again LASCON-2014 - austin,usa
Exploit mitigation improvements in Win 8 BlackHat USA-2012 - Las Vegas, USA Defence Windows 8 Mitigations
Software Security Goes MobileJacob West\tBaking In Security, Sweet, Secure, Cupcakes OWASP AppSecDC-2012 - Washington DC, USA
Wxf: Web Exploitation Framework OWASP Appsec-2010 - Washington DC, USA Security Web Application Security
Pen-Test Panel OWASP Appsec-2010 - Washington DC, USA Panel