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Janitor to CISO in 360 Seconds: Exploiting Mechanical Privilege Escalation phdays-2016 - moscow,russia
Pssst…Don’t Look Now, but Your Safe is Open… Secure360-2015 - Saint Paul,USA
Impressioning Attacks: Opening Locks with Blank Keys phdays-2014 - Moscow,Russia
Scale to Fail: Common and Uncommon Weaknesses in Physical Security Secure360-2014 - Saint Paul,USA
Lock Picking Demo Secure360-2014 - Saint Paul,USA
Lockpicking & Physical Security phdays-2013 - moscow,russia
4140 Ways Your Alarm System Can Fail Secure360-2013 - Saint Paul,USA Security
Lock Picking Demonstration Secure360-2013 - Saint Paul,USA Security
Ways Your Alarm System Can Fail Deepsec-2012 - Vienna, Austria Security
Armed Failure Hacking Wireless Alarm Systems ZeroNights-2012 - Moscow, Russia Security
4140 ways your alarm system can fail ekoparty-2012 - Buenos Aires, Argentina
Mastering Master-Keyed Systems HOPE-9 - New York
4140 Ways Your Alarm System Can Fail ShakaCon-5 - Honolulu, USA Security
4140 Ways Your Alarm System Can Fail Shakacon-2012 - Honolulu,USA
Alarmed About Your Alarm System Yet? CONFidence-2012 - Krakow, Poland
Advanced Lock Picking and Impressioning HITBMalaysia-2011 - Kuala Lam Pur,Malaysia
The Importance of Making a Good Impression-The Art of Lock Impressioning Recon-2011 - Montreal,Canada
Your Network Security Starts at Layer Zero CONfidence-2011 - Krakow,Poland
Electronic Locks - are really secure?! DeepSec-2010 - Vienna,Austria
Owning the Unknown: Applying Lockpicking Fundamentals to Unknown Security Models BlackHatAbuDhabi-2010 - Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi
Lockpicking NinjaCon-2009 - Vienna, Austria Hardware General Security
Freedom Optional: A Philosophical Discussion Of Life, Love, And Hacking NinjaCon-2009 - Vienna, Austria Hardware General