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What If we Win? CyberSecuritySymposium-2016 - carolina,usa
Dan Geer on the Future of Security RSAus-2015 - San Francisco,USA
CYBERSECURITY AS REALPOLITIK BlackHatUS-2014 - las vegas,usa
Developing Cybersecurity Risk Indicators - Metrics (panel)Return to TOC FIRST-2014 - Boston,USA
Keynote: Heartbleed As Metaphor BSidesBoston-2014 - Bostun,USA
We Are All Intelligence Officers Now RSACon-2014 - San Francisco, USA
Keynote SuitsandSpooks-2014 - Washington,USA
Identity As Privacy BSidesBoston-2013 - Boston,USA
Fireside Chat SourceBoston-2013 - Boston,USA
Keynote OWASP AppSecDC-2012 - Washington DC, USA Security
People in the Infosec Loop: Failsafe or Liability Suits-and-Spooks-II-2012 - Boston, USA Security
Vulnerable Compliance 19th USENIX Security Symposium-2010 - Washington DC, USA Security
Welcome Words / Housekeeping Details Metricon -3 - Washington Security
Great-West'S Metrics Program Slides Metricon -3 - Washington Security
The Only Metrics That Matter Are For Decision Support Metricon-1 - Washington DC, USA Security
Friday Keynote ShmooCon-2006 - Washington DC, USA Security Keynote
Metrics, Economics, And Shared Risk At The National Scale (Pdf) 13th USENIX Security Symposium-2004 - San Diego, USA Security Risk