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A Formal Treatment of Multi-key Channels crypto-2017 - santa barbara,usa
PRF-ODH: Relations, Instantiations, and Impossibility Results crypto-2017 - santa barbara,usa
0-RTT Key Exchange with Full Forward Secrecy EuroCrypt-2017 - paris,france
Replay Attacks on Zero Round-Trip Time: The Case of the TLS 1.3 Handshake Candidates EuroSP-2017 - paris,france
0-RTT Key Exchange with Full Forward Secrecy RWC-2017 - new york city,usa
The ISO Standardization Process of PLAID: A Cryptographer’s Perspective RWC-2015 - London,UK
Contributed talk 1: Unpicking PLAID - A Cryptographic Analysis of an ISO-standards-track Authentication Protocol. SSR-2014 - London,UK
Multi-Stage Key Exchange and the Case of Google's QUIC Protocol CCS-2014 - Scottsdale,USA
Privacy-Enhanced Participatory Sensing with Collusion-Resistance and Data Aggregation CANS-2014 - crete,greece