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Revolting Radios DefCon26LasVegas-2018 - Las Vegas, USA
Pseudo-Doppler Redux shmoocon-2018 - washington,usa
Your Ideas are Worthless hitcon-2017 - taiwan,china
Low Cost, Open Source Spectrum Monitoring BSidesDenver-2017 - denver,usa
Exploring The Infrared World ShmooCon-2017 - washington,usa
GREATFET: MAKING GOODFET GREAT AGAIN blackhatUS-2016 - las vegas,usa
RAPID RADIO REVERSING BlackHatAsia-2016 - marina bay,singapore
Rapid Radio Reversing troopers-2016 - heidelberg,germany
Mike Ossmann presenting "Your Ideas are Worthless" BSidesPortland-2015 - portland,usa
The NSA Playset: A Year of Toys and Tools WOOT-2015 - washington,USA
Better Spectrum Monitoring with Software Defined Radio BSidesLasVegas-2015 - Las vegas,usa
THE NSA PLAYSET: A YEAR OF TOYS AND TOOLS BlackhatUS-2015 - Las vegas,usa
The NSA Playset HITBamsterdam-2015 - Amsterdam,Netherlands
RF Retroreflectors, Emission Security and SDR Troopers-2015 - Heidelberg,Germany
NSA Playset: USB Tools Shmoocon-2015 - washington,usa
The NSA Playset: RF Retroreflectors defcon-2014 - las vegas,usa
The NSA Playset ToorCamp-2014 - Neah Bay, Washington
SDR Tricks with HackRF Recon-2014 - Montreal,Canada
The NSA Playset HackInTheBox-2014 - Amsterdam,Netherlands
Unambiguous Encapsulation - Separating Data and Signaling Shmoocon-2014 - Washington,USA
Multiplexed Wired Attack Surfaces ToorConSanDiego-2013 - San Diego,USA
Reverse Engineering with HackRF 44Con-2013 - London,UK
Defeating Spread Spectrum Communication with Software Defined Radio EDSC-2013 - Seattle,Washington
Multiplexed Wired Attack Surfaces BlackHatUSA-2013 - Las Vegas,USA
What's on the Wire? Physical Layer Tapping with Project Daisho BlackHatUSA-2013 - Las Vegas,USA
Two-Timing Data Connectors Infiltrate-2013 - Miami, USA
Introducing Daisho - monitoring multiple communication technologies at the physical layer TROOPERS-2013 - Heidelberg, Germany Monitoring Hardware General Interception
HackRF: A Low Cost Software Defined Radio Platform ToorCon-2012 - San Diego,USA
HackRF Sneak Peak ToorCamp-2012 - San Diego, USA Keynote Hardware General Software Defined Radio
Welcome to Bluetooth Smart TROOPERS-2012 - Heidelberg, Germany Security
Project Ubertooth: Building a Better Bluetooth Adapter HackLu-2011 - Luxembourg,Luxembourg
Project Ubertooth: Building A Better Bluetooth Adapter CanSecWest-2011 - Vancouver, Canada Security
Project Ubertooth: Building A Better Bluetooth Adapter ShmooCon-2011 - Washington DC, USA Security Wireless Development
Building An All-Channel Bluetooth Monitor ShmooCon-2009 - Washington DC, USA Security Wireless Monitoring Community
Software Radio And The Future Of Wireless Security Blackhat USA-2008 - Las Vegas, USA Security Wireless