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Title Conference Tags
The perfect place for a backdoor (VM Hub 3.0) BSidesManchester-2019 - Manchester, UK
XFLTReaT: Building a Tunnel hacktivity2018-2018 - Budapest, Hungary
XFLTReaT: A New Dimension In Tunnelling deepsec-2017 - vienna,austria
TRICK OR XFLTREAT A.K.A. TUNNEL ALL THE THINGS ruxcon-2017 - melbourne,austrailia
XFLTReaT: a new dimension in tunnelling brucon-2017 - brussels,belgium
Chw00t: How To Break Out from Various Chroot Solutions DeepSec-2015 - vienna,austria
Chw00t: Breaking Unices' chroot solutions Hacktivity-2015 - budapest,hungary
Chw00t: Breaking Unices’ Chroot SolutionsTech PHDays-2015 - Moscow,Russia
What’s Hot -How to create permanent Domain Administrator privilege (Mimikatz: Golden Ticket) HackerHalted-2014 - atlanta,usa