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Industry Panel Discussion - Countering Crime & Fraud using Cyber Threat Intelligence IEEECyberScience2020-2020 - Virtual, Virtual
Neither Phish nor Flash: How Cyber-Criminals Target Business Email Inboxes Without Phishing InfoSecurityEurope-2019 - London, UK
Beyond the Castle Walls: How do we Protect in a De-Perimiterised World? InfoSecurityEurope-2019 - London, UK
5 years in adversary emulation FIRSTCyberThreatIntelligenceSymposium-2019 - London, United Kingdom
Addressing the Challenge of The Dark Sinet-2016 - new york,usa
Threat Intelligence – Marketing Hype or Innovation CrestCon-2015 - London,UK
Adventures in Threat Intelligence FSISACEUSummit-2014 - London,England