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Social Engineering Hope-2016 - new york,usa
Social Engineering HOPE-9 - New York Security
Social Engineering The Last HOPE-2008 - USA Security
Editor: 2600 Magazine Notacon-5 - Cleveland, USA Security
The Evolution Of Hacking HITBSecConf Malaysia-2007 - Kuala Lampur, Malaysia Security
2600 Meetings: A Valuable Resource Or A Waste Of Time? HOPE Number 6-2006 - USA Security Community
Social Engineering HOPE Number 6-2006 - USA Security Business
Protesting In The New Millenium Chaos Communication Congress-21 - Berlin, Germany Security
Social Engineering The Fifth HOPE -2004 - USA Security
Bullies On The Net - The Ford And Nissan Cases H2K2-2002 - USA Security
The Decss Story H2K2-2002 - USA Security Web
International Hacker Brunch: Laws, Hacktivism And Other Realities Chaos Communication Congress-18 - Berlin, Germany Security
Freedom Downtime Chaos Communication Congress-17 - Berlin, Germany Security
Decss And The Dmca - Hackers Vs. Corporate America H2K-2000 - USA Security