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Title Conference Tags
keynote bsidesleeds-2018 - leeds,uk
Social Science First! deepsec-2017 - vienna,austria
Mind the Gaps: How to avoid the pitfalls of awareness-raising training Paranoia-2017 - oslo,norway
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: how to stop cyber security awareness-raising going wrong topconf-2017 - tallinn,estonia
Earn your rightful place – Light Vs. Dark skills Rant-2016 - London,uk
Cyber by any other name would smell as insecure: the language of security bsideslondon-2016 - london,uk
A Look at the Real Social Engineers BSidesUK-2015 - London,UK
Power to the People: bringing infosec to the masses BSidesUK-2015 - London,UK
Cyber Myths and Monsters: how to raise awareness and change behaviours 44ConCyberSecurity-2015 - London,UK