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Title Conference Tags
Dark Web Review - a Deep Dive into a Dark World BSidesChicago-2019 - Chicago, United States
Harvesting Botnets for Unusual Data BSidesMinneapolis-2019 - Minneapolis, USA
Infosec Powered by Women BSidesChicago-2018 - Chicago, USA
HACKERS INTERRUPTED bsidestampa-2018 - tampa,usa
Hackers Interrupted BSidesChicago-2017 - chicago,usa
hackers interrupted BSidesMSP-2017 - minneapolis,usa
Hackers Interrupted Hackmiami-2017 - miami,usa
Botnet C&C: up close and personal BSidesMSP-2016 - minneapolis,usa
Board of Directors Addressing Cybersecurity and Hacking Threats, Performance of Boards QuBit-2016 - prague,czech republic
Anatomy of Black Markets in 2015 – Strategies and Mitigation BSidesDC-2015 - washington,usa
Evolution of Hackers and Reverse Incident Response RSAus-2015 - San Francisco,USA