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Reverse Engineering Small Radios for Compatibility BSidesKnoxville-2019 - Knoxville, USA
Building a Damned Good Watch ReconMontreal2018-2018 - Montreal, Canada
A Good Watch for Radio and Reverse Engineers BSidesKnoxville-2018 - Knoxville, USA
Building a GoodWatch shmoocon-2018 - washington,usa
Some Thoughts on Literate Disassembly and Symbol Porting hacktivity-2017 - budapest,hungary
MIPS tricks Rcon-2017 - barcelona,spain
Firetalk #2: Quick and Dirty Emulation of ARM Firmware ShmooCon-2017 - washington,usa
Nifty Tricks for ARM Firmware Reverse Engineering BalCCon-2016 - novi sad,serbia
Fillory of PHY: Toward a Periodic Table of Signal Corruption Exploits and Polyglots in Digital Radio WOOT-2016 - austin,usa
The Best Campfire Tales that Reverse Engineers Tell BsidesKnoxville-2016 - knowville,usa
Reverse Engineering a Digital Two-Way Radio troopers-2016 - heidelberg,germany
DMR Protocol Nullcon-2016 - goa,india
Polyglots in Amateur Radio Balcon-2015 - Vojvodina, Serbia
Polyglots and Chimeras in Digital Radio Modes Recon-2015 - Montreal,Canada
Interrupt-oriented Bugdoor Programming: A minimalist approach to bugdooring embedded systems firmware ACSAC-2014 - new orleans,usa
DemystiPHYing 802.15.4 Digital Radio; or, How to Weaponize ingerprinting for PacketinPacket Mitigation Bypasses Hacker2HackerCon-2014 - sao paolo,brasil
(To Be Most Neighborly Announced) SecT-2014 - Fribourg,switzerland
Speaking the Local Dialect: Exploiting differences between IEEE 802.15.4 Receivers with Commodity Radios for fingerprinting, targeted attacks, and WIDS evasion WiSec-2014 - Oxford,UK
Opening conference (title pending) SSTIC-2014 - Rennes, France
DemystiPHYing 802.15.4 Digital Radio; or, How to Weaponize Fingerprinting for Packet-in-Packet Mitigation Bypasses InfoSecSouthWest-2014 - Texas,USA
Implementation and Implications of a Stealth Hard-Drive Backdoor ACSAC-2013 - New Orleans, USA
A Fast Hard Disk with Active Antiforensics 44Con-2013 - London,UK
PORTSCANNING LOW EARTH ORBIT SummerCon-2013 - New York,USA Security
If You Can Write a Webserver, You Can Write a Thumb Drive phdays-2013 - moscow,russia
Nifty Tricks and Sage Advice for Shellcode on Embedded Systems HITBSecConf Amsterdam-2013 - Amsterdam, Netherlands Security
You wouldn't share a syringe. Would you share a USB port? TROOPERS-2013 - Heidelberg, Germany Monitoring Hardware General USB
Writing a Thumbdrive from Scratch Chaos Communication Congress-29 - Hamburg, Germany Security
EMULATING DFU TO QUICKLY REVERSE AND EXPLOIT USB DEVICES Breakpoint-2012 - Melbourne,Australia Hardware General USB
Exploiting ZigBee and the Internet of Things HOPE-9 - New York Security
Practical Insecurity in Encrypted Radio HOPE-9 - New York
Facedancer USB: Exploiting the Magic School Bus REcon-2012 - Montreal, Canada USB
Exploiting Radio Noise for Remote Frame Injection SummerCon-2012 - Brooklyn, USA Security
Packets-in-Packets Positive Hack Days-2012 - Moscow, Russia Security
Layers of misunderstanding, or how digital radio is not what you think BerlinSides-2012 - Berlin, Germany
[Strange and Radiant Machines in the PHY Layer] Hackito Ergo Sum-2012 - Paris, France Hardware Reverse Engineering
Packets in Packets: Remotely Exploiting Layer 1 HITBMalaysia-2011 - Kuala Lam Pur,Malaysia
Abusing Hardware Defined Radios Recon-2011 - Montreal,Canada
Building a Promiscuous nRF24L01+ Packet Sniffer HITBAmsterdam-2011 - Amsterdam,Netherkands
Real Men Still Carry Pink Pagers Berlinsides-2010 - Berlin, Germany Hardware Reverse Engineering Security
Sniffing And Injecting The Sub-Ghz Band SyScan-2010 - Singapore Security Development Automation
Building hardware for exploring deeply embedded systems REcon-2010 - Montreal,Canada
Breaking Zigbee Crypto SOURCE Boston-2010 - Boston, USA Security
Building A Debugger Chaos Communication Congress-26 - Berlin, Germany Security
Locally Exploiting Wireless Sensors SEC-T-2009 - Stockholm, Sweden Security Hardware Reverse Engineering
Locally Exploiting Wireless Sensors HackingAtRandom-2009 - Vierthouten,Netherlands
Half-Blind Attacks: Mask Rom Bootloaders Are Dangerous 3rd USENIX Workshop on Offensive Technologies -2009 - Montreal, Canada Security
Call-In: A 16 Bit Rootkit And Second Generation Zigbee Chips NinjaCon-2009 - Vienna, Austria Security Rootkits Hardware Reverse Engineering Hardware General
Locally Exploiting Wireless Sensors DEF CON-17 - Las Vegas, USA Security Wireless
An Open Jtag Debugger DEF CON-17 - Las Vegas, USA Security
A 16 Bit Rootkit And Second Generation Zigbee Chips Blackhat USA-2009 - Las Vegas, USA Security
Fun With The Msp430 Mcu Notacon-6 - Cleveland, USA Security
Wireless Sensor Networking As An Asset And A Liability SOURCE Boston-2009 - Boston, USA Security Wireless
Reversing and Exploiting Wireless Sensors BlackHatDC-2009 - Washington,USA
Cracking The Msp430 Bsl Chaos Communication Congress-25 - Berlin, Germany Security Analysis
Journey To The Center Of The Hp28 DEF CON-16 - Las Vegas, USA Security
Side-Channel Timing Attacks On Msp430 Microcontroller Firmware Blackhat USA-2008 - Las Vegas, USA Security
Introduction To Mcu Firmware Analysis And Modification With Msp430Static The Last HOPE-2008 - USA Security Analysis