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Are “Branded” Vulnerabilities Helping Make the Internet a Better Place? HackMiami-2015 - Miami,USA
The Good Guys are NOT Winning! TriangleInfoSecCon-2014 - raleigh,usa
how networks are still getting hacked:the evolution of network security takedowncon-2014 - alabama,USA
The Insider Threat: From Snowden to the Unspoken CarolinaCon-2014 - Carolina,USA
How Networks Are Still Getting Hacked: The Evolution of Network Security BSideSPR-2014 - San Juan,Puerto Rico
Open Discussion: Information Secuirty BSideSPR-2014 - San Juan,Puerto Rico
The Evolution of Network Security: How Networks Are Still Getting Hacked CarolinaCon-2013 - Raleigh, USA Security
It's 2012 and My Network Got Hacked CarolinaCon-8 - Raleigh, USA Security
Mitigating Attacks With Existing Network Infrastructure CarolinaCon6-2010 - Raleigh, USA Security Infrastructure Network Penetration