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Security Tradeoffs in Elasticsearch BSidesBudapest-2020 - Budapest, Hungary
“seccomp — Your Next Layer of Defense” BSidesCapeTown-2019 - Cape Town, South Africa
seccomp — Your Next Layer of Defense BSidesVienna-2019 - Vienna, Austria
YAML Considered Harmful DevOpsDaysAmsterdam-2019 - Amsterdam, Netherlands
Scale Your Auditing Events BSidesBudapest-2019 - Budapest, Hungary
Scale Your Auditing Events BSidesLjubljana-2019 - Ljubljana, Slovenia
Auditd for the Masses HackinParis2018-2018 - Paris, France
NoSQL means no security? BsidesMunich-2017 - munich,germany
Visualize your threats BSidesvienna-2016 - vienna,austria
NoSQL means no security? BSidesvienna-2016 - vienna,austria
The AWS Survival Guide BSidesVienna-2015 - Vienna,Austria