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Title Conference Tags
Scaling Phish: Pentesting the SMB HumanHackingConference-2020 - Orlando, USA
The Grand Facade HackerHalted-2013 - Atlanta,USA
We Don’t Need no Stinkin’ Status! GrrCon-2013 - Michigan,USA
Weapons of Miniature Destruction Outerz0ne-2013 - Georgia, USA Security
Go with the Flow: Strategies for Successful Social Engineering Hacker Halted-2012 - Miami,USA Security
Go With the Flow: Strategies for successful social engineering Skydogcon-2012 - Nashville,USA Security
Strategies for Successful Social Engineering GrrCON-2012 - Michigan, USA Security
The Evolution Of Social Engineering CarolinaCon6-2010 - Raleigh, USA Social Engineering