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The Sound of Evil - An exploration of the audio security landscape BSidesAtlanta-2019 - Atlanta, USA
The sound of evil BSidesKnoxville-2019 - Knoxville, USA
The Sound of Evil BSidesTampa-2019 - Tampa, USA
Containing the cloud BSidesCharleston-2018 - Charleston, USA
The sound of evil BSidesAugusta-2018 - Augusta, USA
IOS Hacking bsideshuntsville-2018 - huntsville,usa
Say hello to my little friend - An introduction to iOS security and forensics bsidesaugusta-2017 - georgia,usa
A worm in the Apple - Examining OSX malware bsideshuntsville-2017 - huntsville,usa
A worm in the Apple - examining OSX malware BSidesAugusta-2016 - georgia,usa
At the Mountains of Malware BSidesCharlotte-2016 - charlotte,usa
At the mountains of malware BSidesNashville-2016 - nashville,usa
At the mountains of malware: Lessons learned from analyzing terabytes of malware BSideshuntsville-2016 - huntsville,usa