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DevOps Connect: SecOps Edition RSAus-2015 - San Francisco,USA
DevOps/Security Myths Debunked RSACon-2014 - San Francisco, USA
Keynote :Why Infosec Needs Rugged DevOps Now: A Fifteen Year Study Of High Performing IT Organizations OWASPAppSecCalifornia-2014 - California,USA
Why We Need DevOps Now: A Fourteen Year Study Of High Performing IT Organizations SECtor-2013 - Toronto,Canada
A panel on DevOPS and Security BruCON-2013 - brussels, belgium
Keynote SourceBoston-2013 - Boston,USA Security
KEYNOTE: Infosec at Ludicrous Speed: Rugged DevOps and More... AppSecUSA-2012 - Austin,USA Security
DevOps Distilled: The DevOps Panel at AppSec USA AppSecUSA-2012 - Austin,USA
Why Infosec Is Helping IT Fail And How To Fix It Security B-Sides-2011 - Portland, USA Security
Mobilizing the PCI Resistance: Lessons Learned From Fighting Prior Wars (SOX-404) BSidesLasVegas-2010 - Las Vegas,USA
Foundational Practices That Optimize Security And Operations Metricon -4 - Washington Security
Implementing A Secure Rlogin Environment: A Case Study Of Using A Secure Network Layer Protocol 5th USENIX UNIX Security Symposium-1995 - Salt Lake City, USA Security