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Multi-Theorem Preprocessing NIZKs from Lattices Crypto2018-2018 - Santa Barbara, USA
Quasi-Optimal SNARGs via Linear Multi-Prover Interactive Proofs EuroCryptTelAviv-2018 - Tel Aviv, Israel
Access Control Encryption for General Policies from Standard Assumptions asiacrypt-2017 - hong kong,china
Watermarking Cryptographic Functionalities from Standard Lattice Assumptions crypto-2017 - santa barbara,usa
Functional Encryption: Deterministic to Randomized Functions from Simple Assumptions EuroCrypt-2017 - paris,france
Lattice-Based SNARGs and Their Application to More Efficient Obfuscation EuroCrypt-2017 - paris,france
A Context-Aware Kernel IPC Firewall for Android ShmooCon-2017 - washington,usa
Privately Evaluating Decision Trees and Random Forests PETS-2016 - darmstadt,germany
Practical Order-Revealing Encryption with Limited Leakage FSE-2016 - bochum,germany
Privacy-Preserving Shortest Path Computation NDSS-2016 - california,usa