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WALNUT: Waging Doubt on the Integrity of MEMS Accelerometers with Acoustic Injection Attacks EuroSP-2017 - paris,france
Preventing Privilege Escalation 12th USENIX Security Symposium-2003 - Washington DC, USA Security
Kerberized Credential Translation: A Solution To Web Access Control 10th USENIX Security Symposium-2001 - Washington DC, USA Security Web Access
Antigone: A Flexible Framework For Secure Group Communication 8th USENIX Security Symposium-1999 - Washington DC, USA Security
Secure Videoconferencing 7th USENIX Security Symposium-1998 - San Antonio, USA Security
Long Running Jobs In An Authenticated Environment 4th UNIX Security Symposium-1993 - Santa Clara, USA Security