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Exploiting Unintended Feature Leakage in Collaborative Learning IEEESymposium-2019 - San Francisco, US
Beauty and the Burst: Remote Identification of Encrypted Video Streams usenixsecurity-2017 - vancouver,canada
Breaking Web Applications Built On Top of Encrypted Data RWC-2017 - new york city,usa
CovertCast: Using Live Streaming to Evade Internet Censorship PETS-2016 - darmstadt,germany
Earp: Principled Storage, Sharing, and Protection for Mobile Apps NSDI-2016 - santa clara,usa
What Mobile Ads Know About Mobile Users NDSS-2016 - california,usa
Attacks to Privacy PETS-2014 - Amsterdam,Netherlands
CloudTransport: Using Cloud Storage for Censorship-Resistant Networking PETS-2014 - Amsterdam,Netherlands
Genome Privacy WEIS-2014 - Pennsylvania,USA
No Direction Home: The True Cost of Routing Around Decoys NDSS-2014 - San Diego,USA
Breaking and Fixing Origin-Based Access Control in Hybrid Web/Mobile Application Frameworks NDSS-2014 - San Diego,USA
?Box: A Platform for Privacy-Preserving Apps NSDI-2013 - Lombard,USA
Privacy-Preserving Sharing And Correlation Of Security Alerts 13th USENIX Security Symposium-2004 - San Diego, USA Security
Finite-State Analysis Of Ssl 3.0 7th USENIX Security Symposium-1998 - San Antonio, USA Security Analysis SSL