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Keynote - Ron Gula RVASec-2017 - richmond,usa
When will the future of cybersecurity get here? SASkaspersky-2017 - st martin,saint marten
Cybersecurity Post OPM Breach CyberMaryland-2015 - maryland,usa
Attacking a Network Defended with Continuous Monitoring SuitsAndSpooks-2015 - washington,usa
The Business of Cyber: What are the Trends? Where is There Money to Be Made? Where are the Market Opportunities? CyberMaryland-2014 - Baltimore,USA
What Does the Future Hold for Cloud? CyberMaryland-2014 - Baltimore,USA
Future Trends in IT security BSideSRhodeIsland-2013 - Rhode Island,USA Network Monitoring
How To Detect Penetration Testers SOURCE Boston-2010 - Boston, USA Security Firewall Monitoring
Overcoming the Limitations in Network Security Monitoring HackerHalted-2009 - Atlanta,USA
Securosis SOURCE Boston-2009 - Boston, USA Security Business
Good and Bad Uses of Vulnerability Data CanSecWest-2007 - Vancouver,Canada
Bypassing Modern Ids Products H2K-2000 - USA Security