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What Lies Beneath? Analyzing Automated SSH Bruteforce Attacks passwords-2015 - cambridge,uk
Location Verification on the Internet: Towards Enforcing Location-aware Access Policies Over Internet Clients CNS-2014 - san francisco,usa
Password Portfolios and the Finite-Effort User: Sustainably Managing Large Numbers of Accounts usenix-2014 - san diego,usa
A Three-Way Investigation of a Game-CAPTCHA: Automated Attacks, Relay Attacks and Usability asiaccs-2014 - kyoto,japan
Meteor: Distributed Security for Platforms with Multiple App Markets Mobile Security Technologies-2012 - San Francisco, USA
Catching Malware 5th USENIX Workshop on Hot Topics in Security-2010 - Washington DC, USA Security
Opening Remarks, Awards, And Keynote Address 17th USENIX Security Symposium-2008 - San Jose, USA Security Keynote
Privacy 16th USENIX Security Symposium-2007 - Boston, USA Security Privacy
Panel Usable Security: Quo Vadis? 15th USENIX Security Symposium-2006 - Vancouver, Canada Security Panel
Graphical Dictionaries And The Memorable Space Of Graphical Passwords 13th USENIX Security Symposium-2004 - San Diego, USA Security
Apples, Oranges And The Public Key Infrastructure (Pki) 8th USENIX Security Symposium-1999 - Washington DC, USA Security Infrastructure