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Selecting for Security: Searching for Risks from the Supply Chain in IoT Devices at Scale SupplyChainCybersecuritySummit-2019 - Arlington, USA
Designing and Applying Extensible RF Fuzzing Tools to Expose PHY Layer Vulnerabilities DefCon26LasVegas-2018 - Las Vegas, USA
Speaking the Local Dialect: Exploiting differences between IEEE 802.15.4 Receivers with Commodity Radios for fingerprinting, targeted attacks, and WIDS evasion WiSec-2014 - Oxford,UK
Making (and Breaking) an 802.15.4 WIDS Troopers-2014 - Heidelberg, Germany
Zigbee Security: Find, Fix, Finish ShmooCon-2011 - Washington DC, USA Security Wireless Automation