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IoT Device Security (Honeypots) BSidesTampa-2020 - Tampa, USA
Honeypots and Real Threat Intel BSidesChicago-2019 - Chicago, United States
When Refrigerators attack! Defending yourself against rogue appliances BSidesSATX-2019 - San Antonio, USA
Intro to k8s Security - or Taming the Great Spaghetti Monster! BSidesTampa-2019 - Tampa, USA
Not your Mother's Honeypot - Another name for Threat Intel BSidesLasVegas-2018 - Las Vegas, USA
Another name for Intel: Honeypots BSidesSatX-2018 - San Antonio, USA
WEAPONIZING IOT – NOT! bsidestampa-2018 - tampa,usa
Real Intel - Honeypots and Live Threat Intelligence BSidesDenver-2017 - denver,usa
Honeypots and Live Threat Intelligence Bsidestampa-2017 - tampa,usa