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RFIDler: SDR.RFID.FTW defcon-2014 - las vegas,usa
Decapping Chips the Easy Hard Way DEFCON-2013 - Las Vegas,Nevada
Talk : Decapping chips the easy hard way Hackitoergosum-2013 - Paris,Frace
Chip & PIN is Definitely Broken Defcon19-2011 - Las Vegas,USA
Chip & PIN is definitely broken BlackhatUSA-2011 - Las Vegas,USA
Is That A Unique Credential In Your Pocket Or Are You Just Pleased To See Me? DEF CON-16 - Las Vegas, USA Security
Biometric and Token-Based Access Control Systems BlackHatDC-2008 - Washington,USA
Biometric And Token Based Access Control Systems: Are You Protected By Two Screws And A Plastic Cover? Probably. DEF CON-15 - Las Vegas, USA Security Access
Access Control Devices LayerOne-2007 - Anaheim, USA Security