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Stop the Breach – Use the Cloud as a Powerful Game Changer in the Fight CISOdenver-2016 - denver,usa
Hand-to-Hand Combat With a Targeted Attacker CISOsanfran-2015 - san francisco,usa
Hand-to-Hand Combat With a Targeted Attacker CISOsocal-2015 - California,USA
hacking exposed:beyond the malware RSAus-2015 - San Francisco,USA
Hacking Exposed: Day of Destruction RSACon-2014 - San Francisco, USA
Have we lost the war on security? HackerHalted-2011 - Atlanta,USA
Hacking Exposed - Exploiting the Cloud and Virtual Machines RSA-2011 - N.A,US
Hacking Exposed – Alive and Well RSA-2010 - Amsterdam,Netherkands
Google Hacking: Searching For Ways To Stop Hackers. PacSec -2004 - Tokyo, Japan Security
Incident Response -- A Practical Primer on Preparation and Resolution First-2000 - Chicago,USA
Over The Router, Through The Firewall, To Grandmaâs House We Go. Blackhat USA-1999 - Las Vegas, USA Security Firewall