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Title Conference Tags
Things one wants from a Heap Visualization Tool Hashdays-2012 - Lucerne,Switzerland Security
State Spaces And Exploitation Infiltrate-2011 - Miami, USA Security
A Framework For Automated Architecture-Independent Gadget Search BlueHat-2010 - Redmond, USA Automation Security
Challenging conventional wisdom on byte signatures Virus Bulletin-2010 - Vancouver, Canada
A Framework For Automated Architecture-Independent Gadget Search 4th USENIX Workshop on Offensive Technologies -2010 - Washington DC, USA Security
Sharereing Is Caring CanSecWest-2010 - Vancouver, Canada
Structural Classification Of Malware BlueHat-2007 - Redmond, USA Security
Bindiff Analysis BlueHat-2006 - Redmond, USA Security
Re 2006: New Challenges Need Changing Tools DEF CON-14 - Las Vegas, USA Security
Attacks On Uninitialized Local Variables Blackhat Europe-2006 - Amsterdam, The Netherlands Security
We Can Take It From Here DEF CON-12 - Las Vegas, USA Security
Diff, Navigate, Audit: Three Applications Of Graphs And Graphing For Security Blackhat USA-2004 - Las Vegas, USA Security
Data Flow Analysis Blackhat Europe-2003 - Amsterdam, The Netherlands Security Analysis
Spass Mit Codeflow Analyse - Neuer Schwung Für Malware Chaos Communication Congress-19 - Berlin, Germany Security Malware
Professional Source Code Auditing Blackhat USA-2002 - Las Vegas, USA Deep Knowledge Security
Graph-Based Binary Analysis Blackhat USA-2002 - Las Vegas, USA Security Deep Knowledge
Project Buffer Overflow Searcher For Windows Chaos Communication Congress-18 - Berlin, Germany Security
Third Generation Exploits On Nt/Win2K Platforms Blackhat Europe-2001 - Amsterdam, The Netherlands Security Exploitation Development Testing
Hit Them Where It Hurts: Finding Holes In Cots Software Blackhat USA-2001 - Las Vegas, USA Security
Exploiting Format String Vulnerabilities Chaos Communication Congress-17 - Berlin, Germany Security
Finding Holes In Closed-Source Software Blackhat Europe-2000 - Amsterdam, The Netherlands Security