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Panel 2: Insider Threat - How to Detect Malicious Attacks and Defend Your Organization from the Human Error CyberSecuritySummitBoston-2020 - Virtual, Virtual
Finding the Breach in the Haystack - Threat Hunting CheckPoint-2020 - Virtual, Virtual
Panel: Threat Landscape in Flux: Emerging Threats SecureWorldBoston-2020 - Virtual, Virtual
Panel: Zero Trust in Action - Practical Deployments VirtualCyberSecuritySummit-2020 - Princeton, USA
PANEL 2: Cloud INsecurity - Common Pitfalls that Organizations Make when Moving to the Cloud and How to Avoid Them CybersecuritySummitBoston-2019 - Boston, United States
About Nexum DataConnectorsBoston-2019 - Boston, United States