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Legacy Crypto Never Dies sha-2017 - scoutinglandgoed,netherlands
Think Complex Passwords Will Save You? bsideslasvegas-2017 - las vegas,usa
Legacy Crypto Never Dies Recon-2017 - brussels,belgium
Defeating PPTP VPNs and WPA2 Enterprise with MS-CHAPv2 DEF CON-20 - Las Vegas, USA
The Data Encryption Standard (DES) – How broken is it? CONfidence-2010 - Krakow,Poland
Intercepting Mobile Phone/Gsm Traffic LayerOne-2008 - Anaheim, USA Security
Intercepting Mobile Phone/Gsm Traffic Blackhat Europe-2008 - Amsterdam, The Netherlands Security
Cracking GSM BlackHatDC-2008 - Washington,USA
Intercepting Mobile Phone/Gsm Traffic ShmooCon-2008 - Washington DC, USA Security Monitoring
Faster Pwning Assured: New Adventures With Fpgas DEF CON-15 - Las Vegas, USA Security
Hacking The Airwaves With Fpgas ShmooCon-2007 - Washington DC, USA Security
Faster Pwning Assured Chaos Communication Congress-23 - Berlin, Germany Security
Faster PwninG Assured: Hardware Hacks and Cracks with FPGAs BlackhatUSA-2006 - Las Vegas,USA
Breaking WiFi... Faster!!! REcon-2006 - Montreal,Canada
Breaking Wifi Faster LayerOne-2006 - Anaheim, USA Security
Cardbus Bus-Mastering: 0Wning The Laptop (Build It!) ShmooCon-2006 - Washington DC, USA Security
The Next Generation Of Cryptanalytic Hardware DEF CON-13 - Las Vegas, USA Security
High-Speed Computing & Co-Processing With Fpgas LayerOne-2005 - Anaheim, USA Security
High-Speed Computing & Co-Processing With Fpgas ShmooCon-2005 - Washington DC, USA Others Security
High-Speed Computing &Amp; Co-Processing With Fpgas Chaos Communication Congress-21 - Berlin, Germany Security
802.11B Wireless Network Security - Past, Present, And Future Chaos Communication Congress-19 - Berlin, Germany Security Wireless