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Robin Hood vs Cisco ASA AnyConnect- Discovering and Exploiting a Vulnerability in your Firewall offensivecon-2018 - berlin,germany
Robin Hood vs Cisco ASA AnyConnect recon-2018 - brussels,belgium
Cisco ASA Episode 2: Striking back – Internals and Mitigations 44con-2017 - londun,uk
cisco asa episode 3: a journey in analysing heaps bsidesmanchester-2017 - manchester,uk
Cisco ASA Episode 1: A Fragment to rule them all - Exploiting the IKEv1 heap overflow warcon-2017 - warsaw,poland
Iphone Security Model And Vulnerabilities HITBSecConf Malaysia-2010 - Kuala Lampur, Malaysia Security Web Access Exploitation Analysis Browser
When E.T. comes into Windows Mobile 6... HackLu-2009 - Luxembourg,Luxembourg