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Applied Security Metrics: Building the Financial Services Threat Report SourceBoston-2014 - boston,usa
Behind The Curtains of the SilverSky Report Metricon9-2014 - San Francisco,USA
Bring Your Own Device: Keeping it Simple and Effective SourceBoston-2013 - Boston,USA
Interactive discussion led Metricon-6.5 - USA Security
Welcome Address And ''Five Years Of Security Metrics: A Look Back'' Metricon -5 - Washington Security
How To Define And Implement Operationally Actionable Security Metrics Slides Metricon -3 - Washington Security
Not Dead But Twitching: Anti-Virus Succumbs To The Scourge Of Modern Malware SOURCE Boston-2008 - Boston, USA Security Malware
Keynote Debate: Ìdo Metrics Matter?Î Metricon -2 - Washington, USA Security
Keynote: Resolved: Metrics Are Nifty Metricon-1 - Washington DC, USA Security