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Developing Your Career in IT Security (2018) SECTOR-2018 - Toronto, Canada
Leveraging Best Practices to Determine Your Cyber Insurance Needs sector-2017 - toronto,canada
Building an Effective Vulnerability & Remediation Management Program SecTor-2015 - toronto,canada
Effective Ways to Tackle Vulnerability Remediation SecTor-2015 - toronto,canada
Re-Thinking Security Operations SecTor-2014 - toronto,canada
Data in the Cloud. Who owns it and how can you get it back? SECtor-2013 - Toronto,Canada
ACTing Out Automated Compliance Testing Sector-2012 - Toronto,Canada
Introduction to Web Application Testing Sector-2012 - Toronto,Canada
Starting An Infosec Company: Three Founderís Stories SecTor-2010 - Canada Security
Realize More Value From Your Existing Security Tools SecTor-2010 - Canada Security