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Fail Panel: Revenge of the Sixth SECTOR-2018 - Toronto, Canada
FAIL Panel Version 5 – EquiFAIL! sector-2017 - toronto,canada
FAIL Panel Again! Third time’s the charm SecTor-2014 - toronto,canada
Return of the Half Schwartz FAIL Panel w/Tales from beyond the echo chamber SECtor-2013 - Toronto,Canada
Fear, loathing & infosec in legal contracts Hackfest-2012 - Quebec,Canada Security
*PT, Chinese cyber-something, the summer of breach and doing it wrong Sector-2012 - Toronto,Canada
Smashing The Stats For Fun And Profit V.2010 SecTor-2010 - Canada Security
Smashing The Stats For Fun And Profit SecTor-2009 - Canada Security
Data On Threat Evolution - What 47 Leading Security Vendors Are Seeing SecTor-2007 - Canada Security