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Developing Cybersecurity Risk Indicators - Metrics (panel)Return to TOC FIRST-2014 - Boston,USA
Panel: Global and Regional CERT Collaboration to Reduce Cyber Conflict Risk Panel FIRST-2012 - Malta, Malta
FIRST Law Enforcement/CSIRT Cooperation SIG (LECC-SIG) – Related G8: HI-Tech Crimes Workshop First-2008 - Vancouver,Canada
Vrda: Vulnerability Response Decision Assistance EC2ND-2007 - Heraklion, Greece Incident Response Exploitation
Vulnerability Remediation Decision Assistance system First-2007 - Seville,Spain
Law Enforcement / CSIRT Cooperation SIG First-2007 - Seville,Spain
Program Committee Meeting - First-2005 - Shangri-La,Singapore
Network Monitoring and web portal site Project in AP region First-2004 - Budapest,Hungary
Update the APCERT activities (Under the Regional Initiative Activities Update slot with TF-CSIRT) First-2004 - Budapest,Hungary